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A safety net for you or your loved one

Helping you stay home, where you want to be

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How it works

We use cutting edge technology to measure vital signs, catering to your  individual health profile.

An extra set of eyes

As the vital signs are gathered, we continuously watch for any changes that could indicate larger health concerns.​

25-30% of hospitalizations each year are preventable if the problem was caught sooner 

*Agency of Healthcare and Research Quality website. 

How we help you


Gather baseline data

Using state of the art monitoring devices, we can gather hygienic vital sign  readings outside of the clinical setting

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Analyze the numbers

Once the vital signs are gathered, we watch for any changes that could indicate a larger health concern.


Identify problematic changes

When a concerning deviation is found, the instance is escalated to our medical team for treatment adjustment or care. 

Allowing you to live your life with more peace of mind.


Why watch vital signs?

  • To provide you peace of mind when it comes to your health

  • To watch for signs of emerging illness or infection

  • To empower you to make informed decisions based on your personal data

  • To help your doctors and other care providers understand your more complete health profile

Insurances that cover the service

And many other work HMOs and smaller insurance plans

*Reach out to see if your specific plan is covered. 

"Proactive Health was able to catch early stage sepsis that had developed out of a wound on my leg. My doctor said if we didn't catch it as soon as we did I would have gone to the hospital and my wound would have gotten worse."

- Gena

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