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Reducing hospital readmissions through cutting edge technology


Personalized data for better outcomes

By creating an individual biometric baseline we are able to correlate changing signs with patient symptoms to help identify the earliest stages of illness, infection, or chronic condition flare-ups and create a plan to tackle the problem before it escalates to emergency level needs. 

Modernizing healthcare

Technology exists that allows us to create a profound web of health data, personalized for each patient. This allows care providers to be more nimble and to act much quicker when changes occur.


Who We Serve

Patients and their families, then providers. We enable patients and their families to feel more comfortable when it comes to their health. Upon discharge, our goal is to keep the patient home. If the patient is at home, our goal is to keep them there.

We work with providers in helping keep their patients from getting readmitted into a care setting, upon discharge from their facility.


Health Solutions

We provide the patient and their families with an individual baseline for their specific body. This information can then be used by the patient, their family, and care providers to allow a more complete diagnosis and understanding of what is goes wrong and how we can treat it faster.


Our Goal

Currently, the healthcare industry operates in a “reactive” way, only providing medical care when there is an apparent problem. We are changing this to a more “proactive” way of operation. We look behind the curtain at what causes illness and recognize trends in a patient's biometrics that may lead to future health complications.


Assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities 

Who refers to us:

Panelled with the following insurances

And many work HMOs and other insurance plans

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